Music and the importance of image and marketing — how one artist has proven it

Music and the importance of image and marketing — how one artist has proven it

Image and the way you market yourself can be the make or break of your career in Music, it’s not known as the Music BUSINESS for nothing. If you want to be successful, that’s what you have to start seeing your talent as, a business, and if you’re not already doing so, you need to start treating it like one.

I know, I know. It really isn’t the nicest way to look at your God given ability but the fact of the matter is, that’s what the most influential people in the industry your musicality as, and they see you as a product to market and earn money from. This is why so many TV talent shows like X Factor focus on your image as well as your singing ability, I don’t agree with it at all but with the way the world is these days, with every celebrity being watched and photographed everywhere they go, why do you think they’re always wearing the latest brands?

All of this being said, some people may disagree with this. I can prove to you naysayers that image is key by talking you through an example of one person’s career: Justin Bieber.

He started off as a little thirteen year old boy with your typical high pitched Disney Channel esque voice. When he was going through this phase of his life, all the girls thought he was cute and attractive, but all the boys hated his guts and called him every name under the sun, and believe me, this wasn’t only because of his… questionable first track “Baby”, it was because of how he looked and sounded, yes it’s harsh but it’s true.

After this, he went through puberty, his voice broke, he became a “man” and his music also matured, you’d think that now, everyone would like him and he’d be successful with everybody, not the case. Here’s why: he turned into an utter douchebag, getting arrested, allegedly spitting on fans, doing drugs and all sorts of horrible things, most of the time in front of a camera too, so naturally, people still hated him, not because of his Music, not because of what he looked like, but because of how he acted.

Then not longer than a few months ago, something incredible happened. He brought out a new song “Sorry” and suddenly, literally everyone started to like him, buy his albums, follow him on social media, all the usual stuff. This was all because he yet again matured within his Music and produced some top quality tracks but also because he cleaned up his act massively, he started improving his IMAGE. Now, his career is flying again.

See? he managed to turn his name around all because of a few simple changes. He even encouraged people to buy someone else’s song to make it number one because it was for charity, never thought I’d see Justin Bieber but others before himself if I’m honest, but respect to him for doing so!

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The above story proves why the way you present yourself, the way you dress and the way you act is so important to a successful career in this industry.

It’s not that difficult either, just be polite, professional and genuine all the time, make sure to please the right people, be seen in the right circles and obviously produce great material, and before you know it, you’ll be flying. providing you put the work in, of course!