Asylums are a four piece Indie Rock band from the seaside town of Southend-On-Sea. They have been getting quite a big reputation over the last year or two with the launch of their indie label “Cool Thing Records” and their DIY approach to music.

They are currently working on an album which is bound to have enough energy to keep Southend and beyond alight for a long time. Their most recent release “Missing Persons” really captures the fun and energetic side to the band whilst delivering catchy and punchy melodical and lyrical hooks all the way through.

Ever since hearing this track I’ve been stuck on it! In my eyes, it’s a beautiful mixture of chaos and musical genius, everything was clearly worked on day and night to get that near perfect sound, its not completely perfect, but that’s what Asylums are about and Missing Persons does a brilliant job of capturing this idea within a 4 minute track.

The music video compliments the track perfectly. Shot at what I believe to be “Kids Kingdom” in Southend, Mike, Luke, Jazz and Henry don’t hesitate to release their inner child with frotman, Luke hanging upside down above a ball pit at one point in the video! Although if you’re scared of clowns, I’d skip the first few seconds!

From a musicians perspective, the one thing that really pulled me into the track was the simplicity of it. A simple melodic hook and chord sequence with simple yet brilliant lyrics layered on top, it’s what music should be about and I really think the lads of Asylums have definitely got a huge future ahead of them in this industry, and they’ve carved their sound and path off of their own back since the start, that commands and deserves respect in my book. Well done boys.

You can listen to “Missing Persons” for yourselves here:

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