The wealth of independent talent surrounding Essex lately has been astounding, there are definitely lots of musicians around that I know are going to go far this year, I could list a lot of them but I’ve decided to shorten the list down to five.

5) Chase Martinez 11885009_442485689270791_7430716026365865694_o

Chase Martinez is an 18 year old singer/songwriter based in Romford, Essex. He has one of the best voices I’ve heard and that’s no exaggeration! I’ve been fortunate to work with this young man and see him live on several occasions. I’ll never forget the  first time we met at a Boombox Essex Live Lounge, a local open mic in Billericay, Essex. He declared that he didn’t feel he deserved to be among the people there because he didn’t feel he was talented enough, he then got on stage and performed and his voice shocked me to the core, I haven’t felt the same excitement about an unsigned artist in a long time.

He had the pleasure of supporting famous 80’s band “odyssey” last year and since then he has been flying and building up his reputation on the local music scene. Honestly, you NEED to check this kid out, you won’t be disappointed!

Chase’s social media:





4) Asylums


I’ve featured Asylums on this blog before, reviewing their latest single “Missing Persons”. I must say I’m surprised I haven’t heard of these guys before! They’re music brings back the days of upbeat energetic indie rock but definitely fits perfectly within the mix of the current standards of popular music.

They’ve just recently finished a UK tour with “Ash” and are currently working on their album which they plan to release off of their own record label “Cool Thing Records”, this band are certainly one to watch this year, they’ve got a huge future ahead of them!

Also look out for the music video to “Missing Persons” being aired on “Sunday Brunch” on Channel four this weekend!

Check out my review of “Missing Persons” here!!

Asylums social media:

Cool Thing Records:




3) Charley Monroe


Charley Monroe is a 19 year old singer songwriter from Ashford, Kent. She headlined London Pride in 2015 and has been gaining lots of attention from Industry specialists such as publisher “Notting Hill Music”. Currently working on her first original track, Charley is taking the UK music industry by storm. I can personally vouch for her talents since I had the pleasure of working with her as her Pianist at a Notting Hill Music networking event in November last year. Trust me, there are huge things coming for this girl! Make sure to remember her name, she’s certainly a star in the making!!

You can watch mine and Charley’s performance at the networking event HERE!!

Charley’s social media:




2) Tall Dark Friend


Tall Dark Friend (Jordan Gray) has got to be one of the most unique artists I’ve come across! Her stage presence is like none I’ve ever seen in my life, it’s truly infectious and mesmerising to watch. As a virtuoso Pianist she is able to make her Yamaha Tyros sing like a bird with little effort, this along with her outstanding vocal ability and range makes her one of my favourite indie artists of 2015/16.

Why she hasn’t been singed yet I will never know! Not that that’s stopped her from releasing her own music with several releases scattered across Itunes, her most recent one being her album “The Baffled King” (2015) She has been the recipient of several awards including Best Unique Act at the Essex Entertainment Awards 2015! Just take a moment to look through her astonishing catalog of music spanning several years! Also, make sure to come and see her live if you get the opportunity! You’ll be amazed, trust me!

Tall Dark Friend’s social media:



Download “The Baffled King”:

1) Holloway Road


And my top indie artist so far this year goes to HOLLOWAY ROAD! These guys are a UK Country Duo, I see them as the UK version of Florida Georgia Line, yes, they are THAT good! They write some of the catchiest songs I’ve heard and they’re voices work so well together, having seen these guys live quite a few times, I had to give them the top spot on this list!

People are making predictions that they will get signed up this year and I couldn’t agree more, you would be amazed at how two people can create something so great with two guitars and two voices, they also have releases around the web that you should definitely check out, their music always puts me in a brilliant mood, a mood so good that you’ll have to come and experience it yourself if it’s the last thing you do! Their self titled E.P. even made it into the Itunes top ten Country charts! If that doesn’t scream talent I don’t know what does!

I really hope these guys get picked up soon, they deserve it and are more than talented enough to perform along the stars of the Nashville Country scene!

Holloway Road’s social media:




Make sure you go and check out all of the artists on this list! They’re all great musicians and great people too!


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