The most rewarding side to my job

As a musician, I’ve had the opportunity to perform at some amazing venues and events and play alongside some incredibly talented people. Now, don’t get me wrong, every single one of those events have been memorable and I’m beyond grateful to have been a part of them, but there is one thing that I do on a regular basis as part of my job as a musician.

Performing at various elderly carehomes around Essex, entertaining the residents. This is seriously the most rewarding side to my job and I’ll tell you why, every single resident is so grateful to me taking the time to come and entertain them for an hour, yes AN HOUR, that’s all it takes out of my day.

It really brings tears to my eyes just seeing the residents smile and happily enjoying my performance! They may not be all there mentally and may not remember me from one week to the next but every single Sunday that I am there, they show up, they clap enthusiastically and they’re extremely thankful. In my eyes, that beats any arena audience anywhere, anytime.

If you’re a young musician, especially a Pianist, I would highly recommend looking around your local area for some carehomes and writing a short email detailing your services and how you would love to perform for their residents, it really is extremely rewarding work and also looks brilliant on your CV because you are gaining experience with working with elderly people, it may not be direct experience but you are having to interact with them throughout your performance and you will find yourself building a rapport with them as you gain regular slots at a certain home.

Of course, I do get paid for the work I do, but the money is most certainly not the motivation here, seeing the residents smile is the motivation. Look into it, you won’t be disappointed!!


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