As a musician, branding and marketing are two of the most important things you need to get good at in order to survive in the industry.

What is a brand?

A brand is basically what the public associate you with. Building a solid brand is paramount to gaining more exposure and getting more clients! It’s also important to build a positive brand, a brand that people can relate to and that catches the attention of the public.

How to build a brand

Although this sounds rather daunting, building your own brand is actually really simple! I’m going to talk you through how I’ve begun building up my brand as “Gary Cunningham Music”. I’m by no means a worldwide success and don’t profess to be a complete expert, but I do have something to show for my brand that I feel qualifies me to talk about this topic.

Step one to building your brand is to be as active on the internet as possible, build an online presence, make it possible for your name to be found in Google! Make sure to have a professional website that potential clients can visit to find out more about your music and your experience. The majority of my work this year have come through people visiting my website,here’s an example:

A fellow musician contacted me through email asking if I would be interested in joining a Pink Floyd tribute band, he contacted me because of the fact that I had information on my site stating that I am already a part of a Pink Floyd tribute, I turned this man’s offer of joining his band down as I have too many projects ongoing and naturally, it would be a conflict of interest to the other Floyd tribute.

This story is testament to good branding and providing quality information. My name is scattered across various places on the internet including:

  • My website (
  • This blog
  • my social media sites

It’s important to have people talking about you in a positive manner too! Get testimonials from previous clients and put them on your site, this way other potential clients will be able to see that your brand provide a good service.


The famous musicians of today are a lot more than just singers. They have perfumes, aftershaves, clothes, food, toys! I’m not saying you guys have to go that far but as you can see, these guys have their names everywhere, I do too virtually, just not to that extent, this is why I have so many clients two months into 2016, because my name is everywhere and you would be shocked to know that so many people walk through the street, see a business card and think “Oh I need one of those people!”

A good brand is everywhere and has a killer reputation, this does involve spending money on website domains, business cards, flyers and whatnot, don’t see it as spending money, see it as investing in yourself and your brand, then the money won’t be so much of an issue! If you do it right, you’ll earn the money back with ease!

All of this does take time and effort! But it is more than worth it when you suddenly begin gaining a reputation with the right kinds of people for being good at what you do!




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