Isaac Gracie is a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Norfolk, UK. I first heard of him when browsing the unsigned music blog and he immediately caught my attention with his song “Last words”. This is the song that launched Gracie’s musical career, grabbing the attention of various industry publications of high stature, and rightly so!

I’ll admit that when first listening to “Last Words”, it took me a while to get into the music and lyrics but after being patient and allowing myself to fully indulge in this acoustic masterpiece, I could completely understand why Isaac’s reputation was gradually soaring through the roof! You wouldn’t believe this, but this piece of musical bliss was actually made on Garageband in his bedroom! This just shows that you don’t need crazily expensive high end musical technology if you’ve got raw talent like Gracie has!

Isaac is going to be starting his first ever UK tour from the 18th February with the first date being in Manchester and progressing throughout the UK. This young man certainly deserves the recognition he is getting of late and I really hope to hear his soothing tones on mainstream radio very soon! I’ll also be expecting an album release sooner than later and of course, I’ll review it, along with any future releases!

You can take a listen to “Last Words” for yourself here:

Isaac’s social media links (follow for more updates and music)


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