Artist Spotlight: Pacific


Pacific are an alternative band from Cheshire, they are made up of members Anthony Orzel, Daniel Orzel, Dave Bithell and Drew Burns. They are an alternative band, but they have taken on the alternative genre from a new angle. Their music is PIANO driven and my god does it work incredibly well!

I came across these guys purely by chance, just scouting the internet for unsigned talent to write about and feature here on  the blog. I heard them on the Best Of British unsigned show and within the first few notes they had me! Ever since hearing them on that show, I’ve been following them and been addicted to their music.

My favourite track of theres has to be “Runaway Boy”, a track that has one of the catchiest riffs and choruses I’ve heard in a LONG TIME! Honestly, this track right now is my 2016 track of the year, I know it’s early doors yet, but I don’t think I’m going to find another track as catchy and crazy as this!

Pacific have officially blown my mind and I am so glad I listened to the “Best Of British Unsigned” show, they’ve introduced me to a band I believe to be the next big thing in the UK Music scene. It upsets me that some of the household names are overshadowing these guys. I could write about Pacific for hours! Guy’s you’ve officially got a lifelong groupie 😉

I hope to see Orzel and co live very soon! Come to Essex! I BEG!!

These guys are gaining the attention of various music blogs and outlets already and certainly have a bright future. These include: BBC 6 Music, with Mark Radcliffe labelling their music “Outstanding”.  I really think that there is a gap in the market for a band like these guys! I really would suggest going to check these out, they are going to go very far indeed!








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Review: Asylums – Necessary Appliances

1934543_455016448026462_7634065397089430074_nSouthend based indie rock band “Asylums” are back with yet another hard hitting single! Their latest release “Necessary Appliances” grabs you by the balls and takes you on a loud, high energy 3 minute joy ride. Having already received radio airplay on BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 1 and  BBC Introducing, this track is another step towards Asylums’ take over. This track, along with “Missing persons”, “Joy In A Small Wage” and various others, will be on their debut album named “Killer Brain Waves”, set to be released this Summer!

I cannot wait for this album to drop, it’s definitely going to be worth the investment if these singles are anything to go by!

“Necessary Appliances” is set to be released on the band’s own label “Cool Thing Records” on 29th April!

Take a listen for yourself HERE:

Artist Spotlight: Jack Hopkinson


Jack Hopkinson is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Kenilworth, Warwickshire. He has released an E.P. and a single in 2015 and 2016 and shows great promise. Jack left his regular day job to tackle the challenge of being a full time musician, and so far, it’s going rather well.

I first heard of Mr. Hopkinson on the Best Of British radio show. This is a show that exposes and celebrates the best British unsigned artists.

The track used to introduce me to this bright artist was “Begin Again”, a track off of his 2015 E.P. “When You Wanna Be”. I really enjoyed this track, the simplicity of it was what caught my attention the most, it really allowed Jack’s vocals and songwriting to shine through during the track. I was really taken-aback (in a good way) with the introduction of some brief orchestration towards the end of the track.

Unlike most acoustic artists, Jack doesn’t seem to be very predictable in what he does, I’ll certainly be listening to a lot more of his music in  the future! He has various shows coming up this year too. You can find more information on that at his website.

Having already been in the top 25 for Itunes, there is definitely a promising future ahead for Jack, his decision to go into music full time was certainly a great one.

LISTEN TO “Begin Again” HERE!!


You can also DOWNLOAD his latest release: “Shrapnel” HERE!!!

Having already been in the top 25 for Itunes, there is definitely a promising future ahead for Jack, his decision to go into music full time was certainly a great one.


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The money debate: I weigh in.

The money debate: I weigh in.

Pricing has always been a topic discussed, debated and argued about for years among the indie music circles. I don’t normally get involved in these debates, however,  a recent post from my good friend and entertainer, Charlie Sansom, had me weigh in on this.  Like anything, the prices of acts vary based on several things:

  • The experience level of said act
  • The number of people involved within the act
  • (sometimes) The quality of the act

I’m going to break down all of these things, giving my opinion on these areas and how I feel they impact the price of an act.

Experience level

This is certainly something that can impact how much an act will charge for performances. The acts that are trying to get themselves established on the circuit will charge less for their services. For example, for Carehome performances, I charge £25 per hour. Some of my fellow musicians would argue that this is too cheap, I Disagree. I disagree due to one simple reason , it’s working. One advantage (or what I see as an advantage) I have over my competitors is that I am an act of high quality (according to clients) yet I am cheaper and more affordable.

For other performances such as gigs on the pub scene, I charge £150 for two 45 minute sets. Again some may disagree with this, but it’s working for me so far so I have no need to charge more.

On the flip side of this however, bands or musicians that have been playing the circuit for years may charge £300 or more for performances. This can be a good thing to do but sometimes these acts lose out on gigs because cheaper acts with less experience are getting them.

The number of people within the act

This is a big thing that acts consider when charging potential clients. The more people within the act, the more they are going to charge, this is simply because everyone involved needs an equal split of pay. I have two examples, my function band “The 45’s” charge £160 for our performances, we are a four piece, this means we get £40 each. Another example is the Pink Floyd tribute I am a part of. I’m not entirely sure what we charge but there are seven of us within the band, this means we will be charging quite a lot, probably are £500 or more.

The quality of the act

This is the section of the article that could cause debate. I personally don’t believe that the quality of the act SHOULD impact the price, at least not as much as it does. I say this because I don’t believe that just because the act is expensive, that they are promise to be good or entertaining. A lot of musicians contest this. I have been told that because I charge so little, I do not value myself as an artist or performer, this is miles away from the truth. I completely value myself as a performer, I just don’t feel that I have the experience level needed to justify charging £500 plus for my performances. Not to mention that I don’t have a family to provide for, or bills to pay (yet) when these things happen, I will obviously charge more.

I honestly believe that I am an act of high quality and that me charging less for my shows, is more of an advantage currently, than a setback. Another line I’ve had before is “think long term”. I am thinking long term, I’m thinking long term because I have recurring clients re-booking time and time again because of I am cheap yet high quality, that is my selling point, and so far its working. I’d much rather have regular work charging less (which would earn me more over time) than less regular work whilst charging more, which would obviously earn me less over time.

This method makes business sense to me. I don’t profess to be a business expert by any stretch, but it’s just common sense! To some, their price may reflect the quality of service. I believe that if you have client reviews that show potential clients how good you are, you don’t need to rely on your price to prove your quality. If you don’t have raving reviews and are one of those performers that say “I charge so and so amount, this alone should show how good I am”, then you really can’t be as good as you think you are.


Check out Charlie’s post and other links, here:

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Interview : Harry Cash of Jumpstone



I recently had the pleasure of catching up with musician Harry Cash. Harry is the lead guitarist and lead vocalist for “Jumpstone”, Jumpstone were previously known as “Harry Cash and The Loose Change”. They decided to change their name for various reasons, and you can find them all out by listening to the interview!

I had a really cool time chatting with Mr. Cash and I wish him and Jumpstone well with their future endeavours. Take a listen to the interview below, I hope to feature more of this up and coming trio in the near future.

Also check out the bands social media!        ***SOON TO BE REBRANDED***


Feature image credit : POP Photos.