Review: Benedict Trenches – Part One

Review: Benedict Trenches – Part One

Benedict Trenches are a band from Nottingham. They describe their genre as singer/songwriter mixed with progressive rock. In the words of their band leader, Harry: “Benedict Trenches is a fictional character, when we perform, we are that character.” As you can probably already tell, these guys take very un-orthodox and unique approach to their music and so far it seems to be working with them having their music aired on BBC Introducing and with The Derby Telegraph describing their music as “both complex and beautiful” and praising their “echoey and haunting violin”.

Part One is one of the most unique blends of genres and instrumentation I have ever heard. I’ll admit, it did take me a while to get used to their sound but I can definitely see why they’ve received such high praise from local and national press. This crazy work of genius made hairs stand up on the back of my neck from track one. Admittedly, I didn’t necessarily like it at first, but that was because my ears were not used to hearing so thoroughly thought yet so chaotic at the same time, and trust me, the chaos is definitely good.

You can automatically see from the album artwork (the featured image for this post) that the band were going some form of beautiful disaster. I think with their type of music, their audience is very niche based. As I am a musician, it was easy for me to sit there and embrace this new style of music, for others this may not be the case. Having said this, there is definitely a huge gap in the market for this style of music, and I think that Benedict Trenches will be the leaders for this revolution.

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