Rant: 50 Cent’s false sense of entitlement

I have just seen a video that has been shared from the Twitter account of rapper “50 Cent”.

The video shows him mocking an airport worker, accusing him of “being high at work”. It transpires that the said “high” employee was not high at all. He is in fact classed as disabled and has severe social difficulties.

I wouldn’t normally post rants, but this has angered me beyond comprehension. The reason I am so angry? Well to start with, he is mocking someone with a disability or just mocking someone full stop, this is morally wrong anyway. To top this off however, 50 cent seems to think that due to his huge amount of money and high level of fame, he is above not only the poor guy that he mocked, but everyone else around him.

He has a false sense of entitlement due to his public status. He is the sort of person that gives people in the music industry a bad name, he needs to do himself a favour and get off of his high horse. That being said, it seems the world of social media have already taken him down a peg or two by calling him out on his bigoted act, forcing the rap star to take the video down from his Twitter page. Unfortunately for Mr Cent, the damage has already been done, the world are going to remember this for a long time, and I hope that this does some serious damage to 50 Cents career.

The false sense of entitlement from Cent and others like him needs to stop. People like hum need to remember that they didn’t just pop out of their mothers womb with fame right in front of them, they were once a nobody, they just got lucky enough to be seen by the sort of people that make things happen.

I posted a brief rant on Anchor about this topic a few moments ago, you can listen below:


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