Artist Spotlight: Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers – Producer and writer of “Alaska”.  Credit:

If you’re in touch with the latest music hypes, I know you would’ve heard this name at least once. Maggie Rogers is a music student, singer and producer from the states. She gained a lot of online attention over the last few weeks when she got the chance to take part in a Masterclass with singer and producer Pharell Williams. She showed him “Alaska” and he thought it was so good, he nearly cried.

Producer Pharell Williams tearing up as Maggie shows him “Alaska”. Credit:

Now, Maggie has released the fully mixed and mastered version onto the internet and oh my goodness, listening to the song at home, through my speakers, I can officially tell you that it is a complete and utter stroke of genius. The way this young girl does things is a breath of fresh air, she’s combined the wonderful sounds of good old musical instruments and the abilities of music technology together, gelled them together with her encapturing vocals and “Alaska” is the final product.

It’s nothing I’ve ever heard before, and I predict that this song is going to push music into a better direction, the use of instruments and technology is becoming ever more present in today’s music, with this young girl’s latest release, there’s no doubt it will become a permanent feature.

The track has only been on the internet as a download for four days, it’s already in the Itunes top 100 and gaining crazy attention and love from music critics around the globe. This girls talent honestly makes me want to throw in the towel when it comes to my own career, but I’m not jealous or envious of her success, I’m overjoyed with the fact that there is someone in my age group (with actual talent) gaining chart stardom.

You can listen to Maggie’s track “Alaska” here:

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