Is there any future for One Direction after hiatus?

One Direction, you either love them or hate them. Either way  there isn’t a person that doesn’t know they’re name. After they’re formation on ITV’s “The X Factor” in 2011, they quickly became one of the hottest bands ever, with fans around the world.

The start of everything – One Direction in their X Factor days. Credit:

As the years went on, the boys went through various chart successes, with all of their records but one (Made In The A.M.) reaching number one. The future of these lads has been hanging in the balance for quite some time. The uncertainty began after the departure of Zayn Malik, who has gone on to forge his own solo career. After this, the boys used “Made In The A.M.” as a farewell record.

Five become four, One Direction without Zayn Malik. Credit:

This was due to the group of five turned four decided it was time for them to go on a 12 month hiatus from the spotlight. This announcement shocked their fans beyond belief, reducing their most loyal followers to tears, this was understandable, sort of. The boys’ manager, Simon Cowell has said that it is “their decision as to wether this is a hiatus or a break up”. He is just as in the dark about the future of the group as everybody else.

Despite the boys bringing their joint venture to a halt, each member is still gaining individual recognition, some in football, some in film roles and some even taking the same approach as former bandmate Zayn and forming their own solo careers.

Although the group have said that the split is only for a 12 month period, assuring fans in the past that they will be back, there have been many people wondering (including myself) if there is anything for the once critically acclaimed One Direction to come back to.

With the rise of “5 Seconds of Summer”, the group that One Direction championed for so long (the irony), it doesn’t seem to me that there is a gap in the market for another boyband. 5 S.O.S have swooped in to save the day and fill the huge void in the industry that 1D left behind.

“The new One Direction” up and comers “5 Seconds of Summer” Credit:

In my mind, you only need one huge boy band to fill that market gap in the industry, and the Summer boys have done just that. One Direction, are old news, they had a great run don’t get me wrong, but there is simply no need for them anymore. Sure, the odd reunion gig will be great to appease fans, but their time as the top dogs in the boyband world are well and truly over. Was this a fault of their own? Was it fate? Who knows? I just think that their last release was their best material and the best way for them to go out, with a huge band and their heads held high.


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