We are back with the wonderful Frances Murray again today as she releases her debut E.P. “Everything Is Everyone Else’s Fault”. This day has been eagerly anticipated by many and the wait has been very worth it!

The 4 track release starts with “JOHHNY”, I reviewed this track a while back and I sang it’s praises. I was wondering if the E.P. would live up to the high expectations that BLAB’s first release had set. Thankfully, I feel it lived up to the hype and expectations with ease!

I really think Frances has found her sound within this E.P., the fact that she already has that “I know who that is from the first bar” thing sussed so early on in the game is really great to see. I haven’t heard the sort of sounds that Frances has produced on this record before, at least not in my life time, she’s clearly been exposing herself to lots of the old stuff throughout her life, you can hear all of her influences in this one record!

One thing that caught me off guard is the sudden change in a calmer direction with track 4 “Deep Blue Seafront”. This track is definitely my favourite out of them all, I prefer it, you can really hear her lyrics and they are excellent!

A bright future for BLAB, if her debut is anything to go by!

You can listen to “Everything Is Everyone Else’s Fault’ here:

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