Fyresky are a four piece rock band from Essex, they have been together since December and have been working really hard from day one. Fyresky was actually “born from the ashes of Last Superheroes”, this was the project of frontman Gabriel Valentine and bassist Kris White (A.K.A EvilKris13). With new additions Sam Layzell (Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals) and Ryaan Sandham (Drums), Fyresky was born.

Fyresky at O’Neils. (From left to right): EvilKris13 (Bass), Gabriel Valentine (Guitar and Vocals), Sam Layzell (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Ryaan Sandham (Drums) Credit: Peach Galea

I’ve seen these guys live only twice, but both times I was astounded, they’re such a tight band and their songs and riffs are crazy catchy. You can see from their body language and smiles on their faces that they are having the time of their lives up on stage, this then causes the audience to have a great time too! This time, they were at O’Neil’s in Southend as part of “Estury Fringe Festival.”

O’Neil’s was no exception to this rule, starting off with their original “Magik Woman”, they dragged the audience on an hour, ten song long, high energy, extremely loud, musical rollercoaster. My ears were ringing at the end of the show but it was so worth it! Gabriel’s vocals were incredible from the word go, I have no idea how he reaches the notes he does, but it is certainly something to be admired! Sam showed the audience what he could really do with a guitar with a few solo’s, he really shone through during Fyresky’s latest song “StarChaser”. Ryaan and Kris held the band together like a thick super glue whilst showing their individual skill sets, Ryaan is an insanely fast drummer, though having been in a metal band prior to this project, it’s no surprise! Kris’ bass lines are not something to be neglected either, they are complex yet they fit with the songs perfectly, I have my digs at bassists, but I can’t find a fault in EK13’s playing whatsoever.

The band have their debut E.P. “The Circle” recorded and are set to release it later on this year, judging by the live additions of their original material, I have no doubt that their first of many releases will be a huge success and will certainly set the bar high for their future records. There are various live videos from their gigs on their youtube channel which will be linked below, be sure to click the links below  to watch this footage, and come down to their next show! You will NOT be disappointed!

Fyresky may have set the bar high with their latest shows, but something tells me we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Fyresky’s social media





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