Benedict Trenches are finally back with a follow up to their record “Part One.” This release is very appropriately named “Part Two” and it is certainly a huge step up from it’s predecessor. The musicians featured on Part Two, are:

Benedict Trenches (Guitar/Vocals)

Cal Hulme (Drums)

Robbert Van Dongen (Vocals)

Rosie Abbott (Vocals)

Rachael Whawell (Violin/Viola)

Matt Watford (Lead Guitar)

James Bebbington (Trombone)

Richard Goddard (Fretless Bass)

Hannah Jenkins (Saxophone)

Zoe Regan (Flute)

James Draper (Trumpet)

Nicola Hunt (Operatic Vocals)

Written by Benedict Trenches Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Harry Cooper.

The way this record has been formatted is very interesting. Rather than have a CD split up track by track, Part Two is a record that flows from track to track without stopping. This is something that I’ve never seen done before, it definitely set Benedict Trenches apart from any other band I’ve reviewed.

The start of Part Two is probably my favourite section, it is very Psychedelic and Pink Floyd like, and with me being the keyboard play for a Pink Floyd tribute, it was natural for me to fall in love with this section. One thing I will say that is a big improvement from B.T’s previous release, is that this record has a lot more of a groove to it, I can actually move to some of the tracks, this wasn’t possible on ‘Part One.”

I really love the experimentation with different time signatures on this release too! I feel like, with this release, the band have really let go and just produced the music that they want, without being too concerned about what mainstream media has to say about it. The type of music that these guys produce, I would normally hate, but something about the way they do things, really appeals to me. I think the biggest thing is the fact that they don’t conform to the “Pop mould”.

One thing I’ve always said about this band, is the fact that, in my opinion, you have to be very open minded musically in order to appreciate the little things that they do within their songs. It is organised chaos, but it can only be appreciated if you let go of the standard way of thinking when it comes to “radio friendly” music.

Despite the record being quite chaotic (in a brilliant way) there are some sections that are very calm. This is perfect, it’s what this sort of music needs, especially with this release being all gelled into one track. I do like the whole flowing thing, although I did have to take quite a few breaks when listening, to sort of simulate those 5 second pauses you get between tracks on “standard” release. This may be something that they guys of Benedict Trenches want to consider for the future.

Overall, the record is chaotically brilliant! This release is huge leap forward in the career of this band and I can see them having a bright future! The talent of the musicians on Part Two is stunning and the overall completion of it is something I’ve been waiting for, for ages and oh my has it been beyond worth it!

The album is going to be released on Harry Cooper’s own label “Purple Jam”. It’s certainly something to look forward to!

You can find Benedict Trenches on social media here:

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