Indifferent Engines is the “almost solo” project of guitarist Adam Bradley-Cooper. Almost solo? you say. Yeah, I had that question at first too, but when I read through the way the band do things I have to say I was both impressed and intrigued.

The trio that is “Indifferent Engine” all create their music through the wonder of online collaboration. The reason behind this is because one of the members (Michael) lives in Germany whilst the other two Adam and Laurence) live in the U.K. In Adam’s own words “The project aims to explore interesting ideas such as issues arising from the tangled relationship between humans, machines and nature.”

On that note, let’s talk about the track. “Bloom” was the first track I played when I went onto their Soundcloud, I was immediately drawn in to their sound and was already wanting more, in my mind, this is the ideal thing you want from an opening song! The instrumentation and lyrics are stunningly put together and despite the fact that they are a trio, with Adam being a multi-instrumentalist, they really fill in the potential gaps that could appear.

The thing that I really enjoy about “Bloom”, is the fact that (in my opinion) it gives each member of the band time to shine, you can tell none of these guys are on their own little ego trips, as a musician myself, I appreciate more than most. Expanding this point with an example, I really enjoyed the guitar solo at 3:42, Adam REALLY went to town on this section!

Something I also noticed about this track in particular was the fact that, although it’s 6 minutes long, you don’t notice. What I mean by that is, when I was listening to the track, despite it’s length, I didn’t get bored or feel like it was dragging too much, there was always something new to listen to which helped me as a listener, stay engaged.

Despite all of these good things, there is one thing I would definitely want to see is a live show from these guys. I understand that this is logistically impossible at the moment but it is certainly something that I know the band need to start looking at the live aspect of their project.

Listen to “Bloom” by Indifferent Engine here:

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