Useless Cities are an Indie band from London. They started their journey together in one of the most unique ways I’ve ever heard of: by rehearsing in a disused public toilet!

From this, after 12 months of solid work, Useless Cities were making their name and their sound known on the circuit, slowly taking over in the local music scene. Now, they have gone on to receive University and local radio airplay and been praised by various music bloggers. They then went on to record their first E.P. at Gravity Shack Studios which is what got them the success they are experiencing now.

I can see why! If I’m being completely honest, it did take me a while to get used to their sound and the first track I heard didn’t exactly blow me away. However, I decided to keep going down the list of tracks and see if there was anything there that caught my attention. I am definitely glad I did! After searching, I found their track “To Be Ruined”, this one struck me as a winner straight away.

The blend of all the instruments works perfectly, most indie bands have no idea about the concept of levels, so every instrument is fighting against the others which creates a muddy sound. The story is completely different with Useless Cities. To me, it feels like the collective sound is melting through the speakers, I likened it to the sensation you feel when you try melting a piece of chocolate on your tongue. These guys are truly unique and with a new release, music video and mini tour in the works, I know that I’m going to be seeing Useless Cities’ name in lights very soon.

Listen to To Be Ruined here:

Follow Useless Cities on Social Media here:

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