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Glue is a grungy electro punk rock band based in West Ham, London. Their debut EP, Balloon, was released on 4 July. Balloon was largely influenced by life in London and significant events in the band’s lives. The songs cover themes of escape, resistance, alienation, hope, love and self-determination. Musically it incorporates shades of college rock, techno, art punk, folk and grunge, bearing similarities to bands like Pavement, Weezer, Nirvana, British Sea Power, Fugazi and Blur.
The record is, of course, very dirty sounding, very unfinished, but I lOVE it! A lot of the bands that have sent me stuff to review for this blog have this sort of vibe about them and it’s the sort of sound that I’ve definitely fallen in love with. This is the debut E.P from Glue and they’ve certainly made an impact with their sound.
Each track from “Balloon” fits perfectly together. Obviously, this is what’s meant to happen, but a lot of the bands today don’t think about this. I am so glad that the guys of Glue have taken the importance of flowing records into account. Their sound, specifically track 3 of the E.P, reminds me of a band that have previously been featured on this blog, Benedict Trenches.
Glue have also embraced the beauty of chaotic sounds, like B.T. did and again, it works. However, I didn’t like some of the tracks because they were too chaotic. Of course, this is the sound of Glue and this is simply my opinion. Overall though, I personally think the record is brilliant. My favourite track is the last one, which is naturally named, Balloon. Balloon is a perfect ending to the release and gives the listener the climax that they have been waiting for.
You can listen to “Balloon” in it’s entirety here:
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