Interview: Harry Cooper of Benedict Trenches

Interview: Harry Cooper of Benedict Trenches

If you are a returning reader, you would have probably seen this band, “Benedict Trenches” featured quite heavily over the last few months. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing their two latest releases, Part One and Part Two.

You can see my review of Part One HERE 

You can see my review of Part Two HERE

Now, I managed to bag an interview with one of the driving members behind the group, Harry Cooper. He lives in Derby and I’m in Essex, so the natural thing to do was to embrace technology and have a Skype interview. Here it is:

Benedict Trenches on Social Media


Interview : Harry Cash of Jumpstone



I recently had the pleasure of catching up with musician Harry Cash. Harry is the lead guitarist and lead vocalist for “Jumpstone”, Jumpstone were previously known as “Harry Cash and The Loose Change”. They decided to change their name for various reasons, and you can find them all out by listening to the interview!

I had a really cool time chatting with Mr. Cash and I wish him and Jumpstone well with their future endeavours. Take a listen to the interview below, I hope to feature more of this up and coming trio in the near future.

Also check out the bands social media!        ***SOON TO BE REBRANDED***


Feature image credit : POP Photos.