If you would like your music reviewed by me then send me an email to:

Before submitting your music please read these submission guidelines below!!

Submission Guidelines

  • MUST have a brief bio about the band and a little information about your release. This includes: a list of your band members and their roles within the band, your location and a picture of your band.
  • Release info MUST include your release date and places it can be brought from
  • please DO NOT send me material that is years old, it’s pointless reviewing outdated stuff,
  • MUST submit your music via a SOUNDCLOUD/BANDCAMP/REVERBNATION link. I will NOT accept emails with MP3’s attachments.
  • Your links MUST be public with your tracks having a public embed link.
  • PLEASE include all social media links such as Facebook,Twitter,Website etc.
  • Open to the majority of genres but please no METAL, METALCORE, DEATH METAL. `Not trying to genre diss, I just knowing nothing about these genres so couldn’t give a fair review.

Anyone who does not adhere to these guidelines will not be reviewed and could end up being blacklisted for any future reviews.

Thank You