Artist Spotlight: Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland is a 23 year old singer songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. She started to try and build a career for herself at 14 by trying to convince the various bars in Dublin to let her perform, declaring “please! I’ll only drink Squash!” Unable to convince any of the landlords to let her perform, she took to the online medium of Youtube and began posting covers of the songs she liked to listen to.

Gradually, she noticed her videos becoming more and more popular, with audiences constantly demanding new videos. Once she had gained a following, Orla began to post her own original material. This proved to be just as popular as her covers and enticed her audience to not only stay, but grow, she now has 11.5 million views on her videos to date.

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Orla performing at a festival. Photo Credit: Phoebe Fox



I stumbled across Orla completely by accident this morning. There I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across her track “Why Am I Like This”, I was immediately drawn in from the first frame and as the song progressed, I could see the talent oozing from this young genius, she’s only 3 years older than me and certainly puts me to shame!

Deciding to delve deeper into Orla’s social media, I then discovered her latest single ” I Go Crazy.” Once again, I was blown away by this woman’s lyrics and musicality, to say I’m hooked is a gross understatement, Gartland’s music is going to be on a constant loop for quite some time in my house!

Orla is performing various live gigs in the UK and Europe (some as tour support for Hudson Taylor) and I recommend you get down to one of the following UK dates:

It’s no shock to me that Orla is rapidly becoming more popular, will she be a charting artist soon? I hope so! If you need some fresh music to listen to, do yourself a favor and google “Orla Gartland” – you will not be disappointed!

Orla’s social media

Artist spotlight: The Final Clause Of Tacitus

Artist spotlight: The Final Clause Of Tacitus

From the town of Reading hail, The Final Clause of Tacitus. Likened to a mixture of Rage Against the Machine and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, they play hard aggressive rock intertwined with moments of serenity and a heavy sprinkling of Funk.

In the first 6 Months of gigging they have already started making a name for themselves with their explosive energetic performances, which saw them gaining support slots for such acts as ‘Crazytown’, ‘Electric 6’ and the ‘Kamikaze Test Pilots’, and also securing spots at the Readipop and Willow festival..

So, say no to the everyday norm and remember why music excited you all over again, and let’s get funked up!”

When I asked these guys for a bio, the above is what I received, I would normally re-word it but that bio truly described them and their music so I’ve left it as it was.

Let me start off by saying that I’ve always loved the combination of rock and funk! These guys really pull it off too, it can take a bit of getting used to if you’re not a Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan. However, if you have listened to the Peppers then you’ll notice the heavy influence within The Final Clause of Tacitus straight away.

One thing that immediately grabbed my attention was the skill of the musicians, the riffs they were pulling together were insane! They didn’t overshadow eachother either, everything seemed to fit perfectly within the mix and it made the track even better. I’ve heard so many bands over the last month or so of me doing these reviews and I have to say that by far, these guys are the tightest!

Exceptional groove, exceptional musicianship and just an all round exceptional band.

I certainly see a lot of potential in these guys, and it’s clear that other industry people do too. There is a gap in the industry market for the sound that T.F.C.O.T are creating and I hope that they get as far as possible! I’ll certainly be looking out for these guys and you should too!

You can listen to one of their songs “7 Years” here:

T.F.C.O.T on Social Media

Aritst Spotlight: Segulls

Aritst Spotlight: Segulls
Seegulls are an Indie band based in Chester and North West. Over the past two years, as well as studying Popular Music Performance, these guys have been going up and down the U.K gigging and making a name for themselves.  They are influenced by bands such as: The Libertines, The Strokes and The Smiths, in their own words, their ultimate desire is to “take the music world by storm”, and it seems to me they are doing exactly that!
Seegulls have been featured extensively across the BBC radio network and have performed in many acclaimed venues across the U.K. It’s no surprise that they have been so successful either, the first thing that popped into my head when I hit the play button on their material was “WOW”. The first song of theirs I listened to was “Reach Out”, I was instantly blown away within the first few seconds, they have insanely catchy guitar riffs, clever and poignant lyrics and super tight drums, they have musically armed themselves to take on the craziness of the Uk music scene, after hearing this track, I can assure you it’s going to work.
From bar one, “Reach Out” put me in a really happy and focused mood, I just couldn’t help but jam along, no matter how much I resisted! These guys are definitely a huge breathe of fresh air amongst the ever growing auto-tuned pop artists of this generation, You can just tell from the off that these guys have poured their heart and soul into this music and the “Seegulls” band project itself. Just from listening to their studio stuff, I can only imagine what their live shows are like, guys, if you come to Essex, I will definitely come to see you perform!
Their self-titled E.P. is out TODAY be sure to go ahead and grab yourselves a copy, you will not be disappointed!
Listen to Reach Out here:

Artist Spotlight : Jodie Abacus


Jodie Abacus is a Piano Pop artist from London, UK. I’ve only just come across his work, his latest release being “I’ll Be That Friend”, this is what has drawn me to his music and also drawn me to write this feature. “I’ll Be That Friend” is an upbeat, Piano driven pop song with the perfect ingredients for a summer feel-good track.

Jodie has done a great job or mixing together the mainstream music of today whilst creating his own unique sound. I am surprised that he hasn’t received mainstream recognition, I found his latest release through social media, and I do not regret it one bit!

Abacus has a mini UK headline tour coming up, starting in September. There are only a few dates but it’ll be totally worth trying to get yourself to one!

Jodie’s four day UK headline tour in September. W/ Support from: EKKAH and The Age Of Luna. 

It’s great to see that Jodie already has various fans around the world and I predict a very busy and bright future for this talented Piano star. Check out “I’ll Be That Friend” here:

Check out Jodie’s social media

Snapchat: Jodie_Abacus

Artist Spotlight: Pacific


Pacific are an alternative band from Cheshire, they are made up of members Anthony Orzel, Daniel Orzel, Dave Bithell and Drew Burns. They are an alternative band, but they have taken on the alternative genre from a new angle. Their music is PIANO driven and my god does it work incredibly well!

I came across these guys purely by chance, just scouting the internet for unsigned talent to write about and feature here on  the blog. I heard them on the Best Of British unsigned show and within the first few notes they had me! Ever since hearing them on that show, I’ve been following them and been addicted to their music.

My favourite track of theres has to be “Runaway Boy”, a track that has one of the catchiest riffs and choruses I’ve heard in a LONG TIME! Honestly, this track right now is my 2016 track of the year, I know it’s early doors yet, but I don’t think I’m going to find another track as catchy and crazy as this!

Pacific have officially blown my mind and I am so glad I listened to the “Best Of British Unsigned” show, they’ve introduced me to a band I believe to be the next big thing in the UK Music scene. It upsets me that some of the household names are overshadowing these guys. I could write about Pacific for hours! Guy’s you’ve officially got a lifelong groupie 😉

I hope to see Orzel and co live very soon! Come to Essex! I BEG!!

These guys are gaining the attention of various music blogs and outlets already and certainly have a bright future. These include: BBC 6 Music, with Mark Radcliffe labelling their music “Outstanding”.  I really think that there is a gap in the market for a band like these guys! I really would suggest going to check these out, they are going to go very far indeed!








Pacific’s social media links






Artist Spotlight: Jack Hopkinson


Jack Hopkinson is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Kenilworth, Warwickshire. He has released an E.P. and a single in 2015 and 2016 and shows great promise. Jack left his regular day job to tackle the challenge of being a full time musician, and so far, it’s going rather well.

I first heard of Mr. Hopkinson on the Best Of British radio show. This is a show that exposes and celebrates the best British unsigned artists.

The track used to introduce me to this bright artist was “Begin Again”, a track off of his 2015 E.P. “When You Wanna Be”. I really enjoyed this track, the simplicity of it was what caught my attention the most, it really allowed Jack’s vocals and songwriting to shine through during the track. I was really taken-aback (in a good way) with the introduction of some brief orchestration towards the end of the track.

Unlike most acoustic artists, Jack doesn’t seem to be very predictable in what he does, I’ll certainly be listening to a lot more of his music in  the future! He has various shows coming up this year too. You can find more information on that at his website.

Having already been in the top 25 for Itunes, there is definitely a promising future ahead for Jack, his decision to go into music full time was certainly a great one.

LISTEN TO “Begin Again” HERE!!


You can also DOWNLOAD his latest release: “Shrapnel” HERE!!!

Having already been in the top 25 for Itunes, there is definitely a promising future ahead for Jack, his decision to go into music full time was certainly a great one.


Jack’s Social Media Links