My thoughts on the death of Christina Grimmie

imgres-1Christina Grimmie was a young singer and musician from America. Coming to prominence under
her Youtube name “Zeldaxlove64” she posted covers of popular songs that were championed by Youtube users across the globe.

Her first major break was around 2011 when she had the opportunity to tour with singer and former Disney star, Selena Gomez. She posted various videos documenting her time on the road with Selena and gained many more fans in doing the shows.

Through her hard work and kind nature, Christina became an idol for many, including myself. I remember being a young musician myself, spending hours watching Christina’s covers, listening to her stories from her tours and thinking “I’d love to do that”. She inspired so many people and touched so many hearts it was astonishing.

Grimmie went on to compete in the NBC talent show “The Voice” in which she came third, under the mentorship of Maroon 5 star, Adam Levine. She also released one album and one EP “Find Me” (2011) and “Side A” (2016).

Christina was tragically shot and died of her injuries earlier this week whilst signed autographs after a show in Orlando. Her tragic death came as a shock to her friends, family and fellow musicians. I am truly disgusted by this incident and I hope that Christina’s family can find some form of small comfort in this awful time.

Why someone would feel the need to end the life of someone so innocent, talented and kind hearted, I will never know, but I know that Christina’s legacy will live on for years to come and her music will continue to touch the lives of those that listen to it.

R.I.P Christina, Sleep tight, I’m so sorry.